Welcome to the Airscape, the online home of video producer David Johns.

He has over fifteen years of experience as a reporter and presenter on radio, television and online, working for ITV and the BBC amongst many others.

In October 2015, David quit his job and went to live on a narrowboat where he’s now making YouTube videos.

His YouTube channels include:
Cruising The Cut (narrowboats): www.youtube.com/CruisingTheCutUK
Vandemonium (campervans): www.youtube.com/Vandemonium
Tubeshooter (camcorder / gear reviews) www.youtube.com/tubeshootermag
UKAirscape (informal camcorder tests): www.youtube.com/UKAirscape
David Reads Stories (exactly as the name suggests): www.youtube.com/DavidReadsStories
DavidExpert (gadget reviews): www.youtube.com/DavidExpertTV